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About us

We hope this blog gives you a taste of island life wherever you are in the world – behind your work desk, maybe in the attic, before you go to bed or in an internet cafe in outer Mongolia! Wherever you may be, switch off and imagine. It’s real you know…

  • We help people organise personalised, eco adventure escapes on Taveuni, the third largest island in Fiji, the heart of the South Pacific.
  • We take real pleasure in helping people find the best escapes for their dates, budget and appetite for adventure.
  • There are all sorts of possibilities to explore, but sometimes finding practical information about getting to Taveuni and even Fiji can be difficult.

So through our blog we hope to inspire and inform by sharing our own experiences and those of people we’ve met along the way (whilst at the same time spreading the word about this beautiful corner of the world.)

  • Island Spirit plays an essential and active role to boost eco-tourism in the park by motivating the local communities, providing business ideas and training as well as linking them to funding.
  • Island Spirit provide tailored eco escapes combining island adventure, coral reef conservation and true cultural immersion. The ultimate blend of eco adventure activities in Taveuni, Fiji.
  • Eco holidays designed to give you the chance to give back a little while on holiday in paradise.
  • We aim to give you an inspiring and fulfilling experiences through connecting you with nature and engaging with local communities.
  • 10% of the cost of your escape goes back to the community and environmental initiatives in Taveuni and 100% of our dedication and effort will ensure you have an experience of a lifetime.
  • We believe we can help conserve the local environment and provide a steady income for local tourism businesses while inspiring you to make a positive difference throughout your lives by introducing you to the rich Fijian culture.
  • We work alongside Fijian communities to share skills and carry out sustainable environmental and community based projects with sensitivity to local values and tradition.

About the Founder

Kirsty started Island Spirit based on a few simple principles: mutual benefit for both the Fijian people and visitors in the formof conservation, economics, education, life experience and enjoyment. We know all about Taveuni so you can let us take the lead and design a holiday just for you.


“The great thing about Island Spirit is that it fulfills both community initiatives and conservation objectives. People are generating direct economic benefits from wildlife management which changes individual livelihoods through jobs and income. These projects benefit the larger community. So there is a direct incentive to both keep the environment healthy and uplift the community. The most important thing is that the people living with wildlife are getting direct benefits from that wildlife.”

If you would like to chat with us or get in touch over email please feel free.